Gift Basket a.k.a Mystery Sister

5 May

The other night I had the opportunity to make this gift basket. I’am apart of a SAHM group where once a month we gift one another. This was my first time participating and I must admit, I had a blast shopping and making this Cross Canvas for the lady. 18199013_1160690540720136_5190579871568564710_n


Re-purposed Antique Shelf

18 May

Design by Kathleen Heady

A piece a redesigned for a local Antique Shop.







Regrow scallions

14 May

Re-growing Scallions.

Tulip Time

14 May

I just love every single one of these photographs! The Tulips are amazing and with the Hippo in the mix it just gives every photo a little fun and character. I love it!

Meanderings Abound

Tulip Time is an annual festival that occurs in Pella, Iowa on the first Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in May.

I had never been, so I thought this would be the year to make the journey. Unfortunately, the weather did not agree with my decision so I waited out the rain and went to visit the tulips the day after the festival ended. Thus, I missed out on the many fun attractions that I am told Tulip Time has to offer, such as parades,  the Tulip Queen and Court, and the quilt show. This did not dampen my spirits, while I do love a good parade and a cuddle with a fine handmade quilt, my true passion is for tulips!

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Antique Picture Frames

13 May


Design by Kathleen Heady

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