“Baby Shower Gifts” Top 25 picks By Kathleen Heady

7 Jan

Gift List

It’s the new year and with that, new babies. I  have friends and family getting ready to pop babies out this year. So I figured a list of gifts for a baby shower would be great. So before you head shopping to the store,  take  a look at my top picks I found online.

Onesies Pick List….

1.Great gift pack for baby boy shower and Mom & Dad will sure get a kick out of these. –Silly Souls

2. Girls Rockin Wear…..-Kiditude

3. Facebook Baby. –Uncommonly Cute

4. Baby Time. –The Retro Baby

5.  “Man of the House.” – BabyWit

6. Got one of these? –Wild Child at Amazon.com

Pacifiers Picks….

7. Could you find a better pacifier than this? –Think Geek

8. Baby Not speaking yet? Okay, Let everyone know with this pacifier. –Overstock.com

9. Billy Bob Kiss me  –Overstock.com

10. What would baby do without a Mustache? –leahpitisi

Baby Shoe Must Haves….

11. What a girl needs, “High Heels”-Heelarious.

12. Future dancing with the Stars? Then she’s going to love these. –Silly Souls.

13. Everyday wear,  Why not “Milk Junkie?” –Silly Souls.

14. And, for those trendy Mom’s looking for a fashionable diaper bag….Love Johnny Cash.

– Psycho Baby Online.

Baby Bottle….

Now if your creative and like gag gifts then this may be one to pull off at your best friends baby shower. Take a baby bottle add a custom beer label on it and there you have it! Baby Beer Bottle.

15. Make your Own Baby Beer Bottle

16. And, if making things aren’t your “thing.” Then this selection of baby bottles are a must if you want your baby to be rocking the coolest bottle in town!   -Designed by Chi Chi Baby

Keeping Baby Warm…..In Cute Hats

17. These hats will not only keep baby’s head warm, Mommy can match baby up in any outfit in these.

Pink Sock Monkey Beanie- PunkBabyClothes

18. And For the boys….A “Captain America Hat” Custom made by SquirrelProductions

19. Spock Hat –FiveCornersDesign

Food Time…..Bibs

20. Savy Tech boy bib. –Cafepress

21. Savy Tech Girl Bib. –Cafepress

22. It’s Airplane Time! –Thinkgeek

And Gifts For Twins…..

Etsy.com has some great funny twins sets Mom & Dad will love.

23. “He did it!” “No, She did it”-BabyCakes&Decor

24. Matching Twin beanies –whimsywoolies

25. A Set of these plates and Mom & Dad will have to serve the dinner plates up at the same time. “Feed Me First.” –Justmultiples


10 Responses to ““Baby Shower Gifts” Top 25 picks By Kathleen Heady”

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  4. elizabethdamico February 3, 2013 at 1:01 pm #

    These are great gift ideas-thanks for the inspiration.

  5. TammyeHoney February 10, 2013 at 4:29 pm #

    Loved your blog today and one of my students is due in 8 weeks so perfect timing….Thank You. Great ideas that are different.

  6. Stepanie Rafla March 11, 2013 at 8:33 am #

    Before babies starts walking, they don’t need shoes. In fact, supportive shoes like hard-soled Mary Janes may actually get in the way of your child’s developing mobility. Socks, booties, and soft-soled baby shoes are useful for warmth, but bare feet are fine, too.^

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