DIY: Doll House Furniture by Kathleen Heady

1 Jan


How to make Dollhouse Furniture

My daughter loves her dolls and accessorizing her doll house. So I decided with her to make her barbies, monster high and bratz dolls some furniture and art work out of jewelry boxes my Grandma gave to us. This was a fun and very easy project and a great way to spend some  quality time with one another.


Jewelry Boxes

Hot Glue Gun

Glue Sticks


Craft Paper with Designs

Bamboo Sticks




This is a simple project. Pick your size of jewelry box then with the hot glue gun glue the craft paper onto the box, there may be some folding of the paper for a clean look and then cut any excess material off. After your boxes are decorated cut the bamboo sticks to the height for the furniture and glue them on the inside of the boxes. Now your ready to re-decorate Barbie, Monster High or Bratz doll house.


Another Idea:

To really make your Barbies furniture stand out, add glitter or crystal knobs to the end of tables or edges of picture frames. And, the most important part have fun with your daughter creating furniture for her dolls that she’ll grow to remember.


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