Baby Back Ribs

14 Jan
Baby Back Ribs

Easy marinate sauce recipe step by step

Okay now, this is an all time favorite. My family loves meat and there’s nothing better than baby back ribs baked in the oven or grilled on the bbq with great tasting marinate. Great for family dinner or summer bbq’s. I season the ribs today with my favorite bbq sauce made by Sweet Baby Ray’s and I added a little flavoring to it for that extra zing. Today I chose to make this rib marinate sauce with few ingredients and it came out tasting delicious. Enjoy and have fun cooking!



3 Slabs Baby Back Ribs

40 oz Sweet Baby Rays Bbq Sauce

3 tbsp A1 Sauce

Goya All Seasoning

1/2 cup  Mojo Goya Sauce


Serve with:

Baked Potatoes


or Salad


Step 1:

Squeeze 40 oz. Sweet Rays bbq Sauce in mixing bowl.  Add 1/2 cup Mojo Goya Sauce. Then add 2 tsp. Goya All salt Seasoning and 3 tbsp A1 Sauce and Mix

Step 2:

Cut Slabs of ribs in big pieces. Sprinkle Goya All Seasoning Salt on both sides of Ribs.

Step 3:

Dip Ribs in Sauce Mix. Rub mix onto ribs so their nice and juicy. Place in baking pan. Let marinate for at least 20 minute to an 1 hour or overnight.

Step 4:

Pre-heat Oven to 375 degrees. Place ribs in oven. Let cook for 2 hours or until ribs are so soft that the meat comes off the bone.




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