Puppy Tips: Potty Training

14 Jan

Photography by Brownfido, Fake Dog Poop on Esty


Blog Written by Kathleen Heady


There you are standing in your living room and there it is…the little tootsie roll or Mt. Saint Helens and your gagging about to vomit and yelling NO! NO! NO! to your new puppy. We’ll I’ve got good news. It seems for some potty training is hard. I want to let you know potty training is fun and easy and your puppy will learn as soon as you teach them. What it comes down to is consistency. Your puppy could be potty trained starting today with a daily schedule. This is especially important with small breed dogs to be consistent. When a dog is not potty trained it is not the dogs fault, it is  the owners error. Dogs need consistency no different than raising a  child. Your puppy is your new family member and should be treated like one. By learning the house rules your new puppy will fit right in soon enough. And, remember some puppy’s learn faster while others it takes time. Keep in mind consistency and your puppy will be fully potty trained in a matter of days or a couple of weeks.


Tip 1:Do not give your puppy free range of the home. 


Image by HomeAloneDog

This is a big no, no. Your puppy needs constant monitoring, encouragement and consistency  right now to form and maintain good habits into adulthood. Letting a puppy have free roam of the house is not a good idea and may cause unnecessary stress and bad behaviors for no reason. Don’t do it. The puppy needs to know you are his pack leader. Get baby gates and block areas off or better yet say NO! In a stern tone when your puppy goes in an area he is not suppose to and then place him where you want him i.e. sofa, play pen, or next to you and then give him praise and a treat.  He will learn quick but remember be Consistent. Everytime your puppy goes in an area or upstairs where you do not want him to go you have to follow through with the same consistency for puppy to learn.

Tip 2: Food Schedule.


Image by Thepersuadedpooch.blogspot

Remember puppy’s  need to be fed at least once a day and no more than twice a day. Schedule the same time of day to feed your dog everyday whether it be in the mornings as soon as you wake up, afternoons during lunch or evenings when your eatting dinner. Pick a time and stick to it. Do it everyday at the same time. Remember Consistency is Key. And, your puppy will be looking forward to meal time with you.

Tip 3: Watch Behavior. 


Photograph by Petco

After puppy eats he/she will need to go potty or poo within the next 5-45 minutes, be on alert. This is the time to take advantage of potty training time. After puppy eats watch their behavior and take them outside immediately if you see puppy sniffing or pacing up and down in the same area or getting ready to squat. This most likely means your puppy has to go. Learn the signs and behavior of your puppy so you know when to take your puppy outside  immediately before a tinkle or poo occurs. This will  help develop a consistent time for going outside. Eventually, puppy will start standing by the door to go outside on his own and all you have to do is open it to let him out and back in again once hes done going.

Tip 4: Set-up a play pen.


Seller Doggy-Petwear Ebay.com

Set the play pen where you spend the most time in when your home i.e living room. When your busy cooking, cleaning or do not have the time to watch puppy while in the house, place puppy in play pen. Make sure the play pen has a comfy blanket or bed in his play area, leave plenty of room to play. Have toys, treats and water available inside the play pen. Check on puppy and pet or talk to him/her while passing by so he/she feels safe and comfortable in the play pen.  The play pen is your puppy’s room/den and he/she should be happy when playing in it. DO NOT use the play pen to punish your puppy or as a timeout area. Use the crate only for timeouts, when your gone or sleeping and your puppy is not with you. Your puppy needs to know the difference between the play pen and the crate. After feeding time if you have to get dressed in the morning for work place puppy in play pen until you hear him/her yelp and take puppy outside watch puppy alleviate, praise and give treat.

Tip 5:



Warren London Dog Spa & Grooming Products Photography by dogtrainingforowners.com

Every time your puppy goes potty or poo outside have a treat ready. Clap your hands and make a big deal about it because it is. Have a treat jar ready by the the main door that your puppy will be using to to go outside. Puppy will learn quick this way knowing he gets a treat every time by going potty or poo outside.

Tip 6: Love your Dog.



Your puppy is your new best friend the one you can count on, the one that will be there, the one you can trust and do anything with. So, the next time when you see  your new puppy friend going potty inside the house on the floor. DO NOT punish your puppy. Do this:

  • Lift the puppy up, and in a stern tone, say NO!
  • Place puppy where it is you want them to go whether it be outside on the grass or inside on newspaper and clap your hands.
  • Give Praise.
  • Do the same thing if your puppy goes potty inside and you find it and didn’t see him in the act.
  • Again, It’s not the puppy’s fault.
  • All’s he knows is that he has to go and if no ones there when he has to go well then….puppy is going to go potty where it feels good and right.
  • Again DO NOT punish your puppy.

Tip 7: Crate.


BowHausNYC Crate Covers

Crate should be used only when you are not going to be home and cannot take puppy with you or sleeping and during potty training periods or traveling. Use crate for brief 5 minute time-outs. When using a crate for a puppy it is smart to buy the size your puppy will grow into and save money down the road. However, if you buy a crate larger than your puppy you will need to make the area smaller by adding a box to the back so your puppy does not have the space to alleviate himself inside the crate. Remember dogs will not  relieve themselves where they sleep but, if there’s space he may do so which will not benefit him in the early learning stages of potty training to hold it and wait to go outside when it is time.

Tip 8: Sleeping thru Night.


How to make Suitcase DogBed

Now that your puppy is sleeping thru the night and going potty outside he can sleep with you or in your room without his crate. Remember dogs want to be close to their pack leader and will bond with you closely if you do.  If sleeping in the bed with you is not an option, set-up a bed, play-pen or dog house for puppy in your room where he can sleep in the comforts of knowing you are nearby.

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4 Responses to “Puppy Tips: Potty Training”

  1. Glimmer January 15, 2013 at 4:33 am #

    Great tips here. We are housebreaking our puppy, and so far, she’s doing great. Due to frigid weather and her age, however, it took a little longer to achieve this, but now, she does awesome.

    • homecreationseveryday January 15, 2013 at 4:35 pm #

      Sounds like your puppy is mastering the potty training. That’s Great! I’am curious how you got your little girl pup to go potty in the cold. I have two little Yorkie’s and their not big fans of going potty when its cold, frosty or snowy outside. So what I do, is get them excited about going outside in the cold and I get them all bundled up and out they go! With snow, I shovel out an area they can walk on. And, if its too cold then the grass pad and newspaper get rolled out and placed by the door they normally use to go potty until the weather clears up.

  2. potty training girls age 2 September 14, 2014 at 3:58 am #

    Don’t forget – consistency and positive reinforcement will go
    far. Trust me, your boy will soon be all grown up and you will miss these moments of teaching him.

    Dog is like close friend to us or other pet owners.


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