Lost & Found

16 Jan


Written by Kathleen Heady

Have you ever lost your watch and just couldn’t find it for the life of you?

We’ll, I did  and let me say not having my watch messed my time telling for two whole days straight. I would look down to see what time it was, and darn no watch on so I didn’t know what time it was. I had to guess what time it was. I had to look outside my class window because there was no clocks in the room and look at the sunlight and guess whether it was noon or two in the afternoon.

And, it seemed like every minute I was wearing my watch but, I was not. I looked all over my house, cars, garage everywhere for my watch and it was no where to be found. My watch that I have been wearing for almost four years was gone now, missing, MIA and I could not find it. I looked in all my usual spots where I tended to set it and again it was not in any of these places. After two days of stressful searching and recruiting  my family to help to find my watch, I stopped. I stopped looking for my watch and stopped asking my husband and kids to help me find my watch or if they had seen it.

I decided tonight what I needed was a nice long hot bath instead to relax and get my mind to stop  thinking about my watch. The watch I lost. But, no I couldn’t stop thinking about my watch, my watch I have had for almost fours years now, was too good to be forgotten about and no other watch was going to replace this watch.I thought about my watch once more as soon as I set foot in the nice hot bath and closed my eyes and had my last thought about my watch for the night and then splash! A splash happened and I didn’t know what caused the splash, all I knew is that something had just dropped into the tub and was now at the bottom of it.

I looked down into the water but could not make out what it was. The water was moving and what was at the bottom of the tub could not be seen. I knew I had to find out what was at the bottom of my tub. I had one of those squirmish looks on my face like I was about to pick up a big earth worm or something because I didn’t know what it was. I picked it up and looked and before my eyes there it was my watch. My beautiful watch had been hiding out in the bathroom and found me. I missed you watch.


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