DIY: Cupcake Birthday Invitations

23 Jan

cupcake invitations

Homemade by Kathleen Heady

I made these  for my daughters birthday party this last year. She helped me with this project too.  It was fun for both of us and was a simple easy project to do.  All we did was use our basic drawing skills, creativity and fun and we made our cupcake birthday invitations. Have fun!



Construction Paper

Craft Paper with Designs



Elmers Glue or Hot glue gun

Stenciling Cupcake 

Step 1:

I made a cupcake stencil out of a piece of varying colored construction paper i.e. pink, purple, light blue and yellow. Once I had the shape  I wanted, I used the stencil I made to trace and cut each cupcake invitation onto the construction paper and then cut each cupcake out with a pair of scissors. ****Making sure to fold the construction paper first like a card and cutting around leaving one side with one inch un-cut to open and close cupcake invitation***

Cupcake holders

Step 2:

Next was the fun part. Take craft construction paper with designs and cut each into different shapes to form cupcake holder designs. Then glue each piece to the bottom of the cupcake holders

Cupcake Frosting

Step 3;

This was really fun we took some pieces of small craft paper we had in our craft box that happened to be flowers and polka dots  and glued them to the cupcake as frosting decor.

Cherry Tops 

Step 4:

Draw a cherry shape and use these as your stencil for each cupcake. Trace as many cherry’s onto the construction paper and cut out each piece the glue the cherry tops to the top of the cupcake.


Step 5:

The on the inside use Word Documents and custom make your invitation greeting with name of birthday girl, time, place and any other special comments on the inside. Print and cut each invitation out and glue to the inside of the cupcakes.
***You can take ribbon and tie around each invitation and make a nice ribbon to enclose the cupcake****


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