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Regrow scallions

14 May

Re-growing Scallions.

Fridas Peach

I tried regrowing scallions/spring onions a little while ago and it works 🙂



All you have to do is put the white part of the scallions in water (roots + a little ekstra should be covered), set aside in a sunny window and wait for about 10 days 🙂

  • The more ‘white’ you cut away when using the storebought scallions, the (little) longer it takes to regrow to a usefull length.
  • I’ve seen good results using soil instead of water, but haven’t tried it myself.
  • Refreshen water every  3rd day, wash away the slimy stuff on the roots and make sure that the scallions are ‘standing’ – don’t use too big a container.
    A mason jar, regular glass or small vase will do just fine 🙂





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DIY: How to Secure a Gazebo

18 Feb


Gazebo @ Target

Worried about your Gazebo flying away this summer when that next wind storm happens? Well, don’t be. If you have your Gazebo on a concrete patio and are not able to secure it into the ground and want to save on the added expense of hiring a professional to come out and drill holes into your patio concrete. Then, here is a quick and easy workable solution to adding weight to the Gazebo and making sure it stays in place all year round. Also see my DIY: Gazebo chandelier which will also adds weight to the middle of the frame keeping the Gazebo on the patio and not in the air or worse all over your neighbors backyard.


What I did to fix his fly away Gazebo problem was 60 lb. Sandbags, X-Large Flower Pots, Rocks, Soil and Vines.


What I did:

Took this big flower pot and inserted the Gazebo Leg inside,

then cut open two 60 lb. bags of sand and poured the two sand bags around the Gazebo leg at  the bottom.

Then I added some rocks and soil inside the pot on top of the sand leaving enough room to plant a few plants and vines.


Now, There’s about 150 lbs. of weight on each leg totaling 600 lbs. all around the Gazebo. She’s not flying off anywhere anytime soon. Hope this helps keep your Gazebo secure while saving money and keeping your investment (Gazebo) safe, secure and looking good all year.


Remember: Depending where you live always make sure during winter or wet months that you take the cover off the Gazebo as too much water or snow build up on the cover could lead to a roof collapse not only damaging the roof cover but also the Gazebo frame.

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