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Gift Basket a.k.a Mystery Sister

5 May

The other night I had the opportunity to make this gift basket. I’am apart of a SAHM group where once a month we gift one another. This was my first time participating and I must admit, I had a blast shopping and making this Cross Canvas for the lady. 18199013_1160690540720136_5190579871568564710_n


DIY: Birthday Ideas

5 Feb


By Kathleen Heady

For my twins Birthday Party I had twice the fun decorating and wanted to share some do-it-yourself Birthday Ideas. For their party I decided I did not want to spend that much and saved instead by making the decorations and party favors myself. Here are three birthday decorations and ideas that are easy and fun to do and oh so colorful.

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–DIY: Balloon Chandelier: I bought these helium balloons at a local dollar store, 25 balloons for $1 dollar a pack. I used ribbon tie and tape to hang the balloons from the ceiling and scissors to twirl the ends of the ribbon for twirly curls.


DIY: Icecream Bar: The kids wanted an ice cream bar so I made them one and set-out a variety of toppings i.e. gummie bears, chocolate chips, shredded coconut, hershey syrup, honey, sprinkles and granola bars crunched up.  All the kids liked the ice cream bar and everyone had seconds 🙂


My daughters icecream in a “monkey pod” that she decorated.


DIY: Mason Jar Party Favors

For the mason jars. I decorated them with stickers, mustaches, critters, beads, and headbands. I made boy/girl ones. I used a hot glue gun for the outside decorations and filled the jars with candy and mini toys and erasers. It was fun and the kids put on the mustaches with the funny glasses and masquerade mask and had a great time.  It was simple yet very cute and the kids liked the jars and the wearable mustaches.



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Crochet Baby Gifts Top 10 Picks

5 Jan

Beard Hat -BurlyBeardCo


Top 10 Crochet Gifts

By Kathleen Heady

I’ve been checking out crochet on pinterest and etsy and  during my internet searches and I’ve found the cutest baby booties, shoes and hats. I want to share these finds and  links to the amazing crocheters who have spent the time creating these amazing pieces. The crochet picks also make great gifts for new Mommy to be and newborn baby will love them. Crochet is soft and comfortable and will keep babies feet warm and comfy.  These also give great examples of what can be done with crochet and if you know someone who can rock the yarn ask them if they can make something similar to give as a gift to someone you know in the color and style you like or order from one of these great makers. Its a a cost effective gift and I  promise these crochet gifts will be appreciated and treasured for a longtime to come.  What do you think about these crochet pieces? Do you like them? Let me know please, I would love to have a discussion and hear what you have to say. 

1. Bear Scarf Hat-Ravelry


2. Baby Pink Crochet Sandals -Craftsy


3. Baby Boy Loafers -Ravelry

125749014565103470_7nSfqBJd_c (1)

4. Bright Pink Booties -Homeschoolma


5.Summer Sandals -petitapetit


6. Astronaut Cover -Poogies


7. Rainbow booties -Bonitapatterns


8. Brown Booties -Indulgy


9. Leg Warmers -Tinyteapots


10. Converse Shoes –ZaznajkaDesign


Okay One More Love this picture. 

Extra: Santa Claus Beard Hat -SewMuchLovePatterns


Love it.  

Husband Birthday Gift

2 Jan


How to Make a Gift Basket for Him

Birthday Ideas

This year for my husbands birthday, I decided to go with a surprise gift basket with all of his favorite goodies.  It was easy to put together and the great thing is the gift basket can be any size and the basket does not have to be a wicker basket either. For the gift basket you can use anything that will carry the gifts from a bucket, magazine rack, office trash can anything you can think of that he will use and to stuff his goodies in. Get creative and have fun!


Gift Basket Ideas:

Tip 1: Make a list of all your husbands favorite goodies; include snacks i.e, beef jerky, chocolate bars, chips ect.

Tip 2: Make a list of all his favorite new movies or music he wants and include some old school blueray movies example: RoboCop

Tip 3: Buy his favorite alcoholic drink and include a beer mug or shot glasses check Amazon or Ebay for something he’ll really like

Tip 4: Go to the mall and buy a few inexpensive funny gag gifts for him check out Spencers or online at ThinkGeek

Tip 5: Make some do-it-yourself you & him coupons. Trust me, he will love it and best of all its free!!! All you need is paper, stapler, printer and creativity

Tip 6: Give him sweet handwritten notes in a mason jar expressing how much you appreciate him

Tip 7: Include a picture of the two of you from your most recent vacation or from the first time you went out on a date photo

Tip 8: Be fun and do them all!


Last Step:

Sign his birthday card and seal it with a special kiss. Then decorate the gift basket with your husbands favorite color, theme or sports team. Make his favorite cake, throw a surprise party with friends and family.  Order pizza, drink some beer and most important: Have Fun.  Make his day special and wish him an Awesome Happy Birthday!


Spice up your Spices this Holiday by Kathleen Heady

26 Dec

Spice up your Spices this Holiday by Kathleen

How to Decorate your Spice Rack

If you have any Christmas wrapping laying around, then this will be a real quick DIY project. Took me about five minutes to complete and what a nice little touch of Christmas it adds to the kitchen.

Materials Needed:

Christmas Wrapping Paper

How to Do-it-Yourself:

Cut the wrapping paper to fit the spices and tape the wrapping around each spice. This could also be done with fabric to add a little color in your kitchen. Then cut the left over wrapping pieces into tiny ones and with a pair of scissors twirl the wrapping paper on the the shears some decorative curls. Place the curls with tape onto the vinegar and oil bottles. So Wall-La! A simple Christmas decoration that can be done in about five minutes and very budget friendly.


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