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Glamour Barbie Closet Makeover

30 Jan
Barbie Closet
Designed by Kathleen Heady

I came across this doll Armoire while I was out thrifty shopping. I picked it up for $1.99. It was in good condition but, outdated and was asking for a makeover.  So decided I was going to glamify this old Armoire into a Beautiful Glamified Barbie Closet. Below is the before and after picture side by side and the step by step process I did to transform this closet from drab to glam.


BEFORE                                                   AFTER

009 106

Step 1:

I sanded the Armoire down and then spray painted three coats of primer paint onto the Armoire. I allowed 15-20 minutes between each coat to dry before applying the next coat.


Step 2:

I applied the gold spray paint. Again three coats allowing 15-30 minutes per coat to dry.


Step 3:

The fun part begins! With a hot glue gun I glued my little colorful beads onto the top portion of the Armoire to add a little sparkle. New door handle. Next I took the handle off which then I had to go back out to the garage and re-sand, prime and paint the front of the Armoire. Once that was done I added the crystal bling knob to the front of the closet.


Step 4:

Originally I was going to use craft paper and hot glue it to the Armoire but then I remembered I had some fabric stored that happened to be blingy so I pulled the sewing machine out and cut I cut each piece to fit the middle of the Armoire and inserted the piece of craft paper design that I liked in between the fabric and sewed it all together. Once it the fabric piece was sewn I hot glued it to the Armoire.


Step 5:

More Beads!!! I decided the Armoire needed some more glam so I added more beads to the side of it and in the middle where I had laid the fabric piece down. I hot glue each bead onto the Armoire with the hot glue gun.


Step 6:

Closet bar. I installed the Closet bar using a bamboo skewer. I cut it to fit the size of the Armoire and then sanded the sides down. Then I primed it and painted it Silver. I used 1/4′ washers to install the bamboo skewer by simply gluing the washers to the inner sides of the Armoire and then inserting the bamboo Skewer adding a touch of hot glue at each end for a more secure fit.

Barbie Closet

Step 7:

Jewelry boxes to store all of Barbie doll shoes and accessories.


All Photographs photographed by Kathleen Heady are Copyrighted.


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