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Re-purposed Antique Shelf

18 May

Design by Kathleen Heady

A piece a redesigned for a local Antique Shop.








DIY: How to Secure a Gazebo

18 Feb


Gazebo @ Target

Worried about your Gazebo flying away this summer when that next wind storm happens? Well, don’t be. If you have your Gazebo on a concrete patio and are not able to secure it into the ground and want to save on the added expense of hiring a professional to come out and drill holes into your patio concrete. Then, here is a quick and easy workable solution to adding weight to the Gazebo and making sure it stays in place all year round. Also see my DIY: Gazebo chandelier which will also adds weight to the middle of the frame keeping the Gazebo on the patio and not in the air or worse all over your neighbors backyard.


What I did to fix his fly away Gazebo problem was 60 lb. Sandbags, X-Large Flower Pots, Rocks, Soil and Vines.


What I did:

Took this big flower pot and inserted the Gazebo Leg inside,

then cut open two 60 lb. bags of sand and poured the two sand bags around the Gazebo leg at  the bottom.

Then I added some rocks and soil inside the pot on top of the sand leaving enough room to plant a few plants and vines.


Now, There’s about 150 lbs. of weight on each leg totaling 600 lbs. all around the Gazebo. She’s not flying off anywhere anytime soon. Hope this helps keep your Gazebo secure while saving money and keeping your investment (Gazebo) safe, secure and looking good all year.


Remember: Depending where you live always make sure during winter or wet months that you take the cover off the Gazebo as too much water or snow build up on the cover could lead to a roof collapse not only damaging the roof cover but also the Gazebo frame.

DIY: Birthday Ideas

5 Feb


By Kathleen Heady

For my twins Birthday Party I had twice the fun decorating and wanted to share some do-it-yourself Birthday Ideas. For their party I decided I did not want to spend that much and saved instead by making the decorations and party favors myself. Here are three birthday decorations and ideas that are easy and fun to do and oh so colorful.

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–DIY: Balloon Chandelier: I bought these helium balloons at a local dollar store, 25 balloons for $1 dollar a pack. I used ribbon tie and tape to hang the balloons from the ceiling and scissors to twirl the ends of the ribbon for twirly curls.


DIY: Icecream Bar: The kids wanted an ice cream bar so I made them one and set-out a variety of toppings i.e. gummie bears, chocolate chips, shredded coconut, hershey syrup, honey, sprinkles and granola bars crunched up.  All the kids liked the ice cream bar and everyone had seconds 🙂


My daughters icecream in a “monkey pod” that she decorated.


DIY: Mason Jar Party Favors

For the mason jars. I decorated them with stickers, mustaches, critters, beads, and headbands. I made boy/girl ones. I used a hot glue gun for the outside decorations and filled the jars with candy and mini toys and erasers. It was fun and the kids put on the mustaches with the funny glasses and masquerade mask and had a great time.  It was simple yet very cute and the kids liked the jars and the wearable mustaches.



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Dollhouse Chandelier

3 Feb

Barbie Chandelier

Designed by Kathleen Heady

I’ve been wanting to make my daughter a chandelier for her dollhouse for awhile now. So I finally found the materials I have had in mind to do this project. I found these styrofoam cone shaped twine things at a craft store and I decided these would make perfect for the chandelier as I had been imagining something that was like a willow tree branch with lights. Then I found some colorful beautiful beads that I decided would be perfect to hot glue onto these cones for the dollhouse chandelier and here it is! Here is how I did it…..


With the styrofoam cone branches I intertwined them together. Then with a mixing bowl I poured the beads in there and got the hot glue gun ready and started the gluing and dipping process.


Then, I hot glued each cone. What I did was I set all the beads in a mixing bowl and had the hot glue gun ready then hot glued a little bit of the cone dipped it into the bead bowl and repeated until entire cone was covered in beads. It took about 5-10 minutes per cone to dip in the beads. Then once the glue had dried I carefully took the leftover hot glue strings hanging on the cones and slowly but carefully peeled them off each cone for a finished look.


Next, I re-arranged the cones once more to how I wanted them to look and finished up this project by wrapping twine around the green branches to hang in the dollhouse.



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DIY: Wall Art Makeover

3 Feb

After Photo


DIY: Makeover by Kathleen Heady

I found this while thrifty shopping priced at $4.99. This was a real simple project and easy do-it-yourself project makeover that can be done on any similar piece of Wall Art.

Before Photo


Here is the material list below. It’s real simple to do this.


Primer Paint

Black Paint

Newspaper i.e Painters Floor Cover or Shower Curtain


Directions: Use newspaper or lay down a painters cover or shower curtain in the floor space where you plan to paint. The painters cover or shower curtain can be found for $1 at your local dollar store.

Clean piece with wet cloth. Let dry. Then set onto cover. Spray with prime paint two times allowing 15-20 minutes to dry between each coat.

Then apply 2-3 coats of black spray paint. Let each coat of applied black spray paint to dry for 15-20 minutes before applying the next coat. Then let piece dry for an hour or overnight (optional).

Add twine to back of Wall Art if needed to hang piece to hang piece to wall.


Have fun.

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