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Re-purposed Antique Shelf

18 May

Design by Kathleen Heady

A piece a redesigned for a local Antique Shop.








Very Inspiring Blog Award

7 Feb
Thank you to Inspiring blogger thesensiblescrap for nominating my blog last night for Very Inspiring Blogger. This is exciting and I truly appreciate the nomination and look forward to continuing to inspire inspiration and connecting with other inspiring bloggers. Thank you!

“It is not about the nomination, but it is about somebody acknowledge that my blog is inspiring” –RealityDreamer24


15 Nominated Inspiring Bloggers Congratulations!

1. becausewecan-“An Architectural firm with Amazing designs by leading designers and  husband and wife team Jeffrey McGrew and Jillian Northrup.”

2. gardensunshine -“This blog is so beautiful is filled with gorgeous gardening photography and has design, diy and before and after makeover projects.”

3. eclecticlamb-”Has the best Bento box lunch ideas. Great ideas for making kids school lunch meals or pack n go food while on the go or traveling.”

4. mamasgottabake-”Beautiful pastry desserts and food recipes including wonderful photographs.”

5. frugalfeeding.com -”He’s handsome, from the UK and knows how to cook great foods on a budget.”

6. lovethesecretingredient -”Recipes for every meal from breakfast to desert all made with love by Mary.”

7. thelemursarehungry -”Blog about traveling and food.  Has a variety of recipes from all over the world.”

8. checkoutNutsandBolts -“Beautiful! All DIY projects and interior design. Must See!”

9. MakeSomethingMondays -“Every Monday there’s something new being created. Awesome fun creative blog with links to other bloggers and photography.”

10. irisinteriors-“Interior Designer with many interior photographs of furniture and homes. Beautiful and very inspirational.”

11. communidiy-“Beautiful Blog with many diy arts & crafts tutorials. Also has the cuttest Owl Baby shower diy: Invitations and other beautiful diy crafts.”

12. sugar-coat-it-“Beautiful food recipes from sweets to dinner.”

13. southerndisposition -“Wonderful DIY: Dollhouse tutorial made of binders.”

14. brooklynlimestone -“Beautiful do it yourself cat bed ideas made of suitcase and lots of DIY Projects.”

15. chaoticallycreative-“Mom and Daughter create home decor designs, diy projects, find bargain deals, do makeovers, cooking, cleaning and everything else.”



1. I Love my family 🙂

2. I Like thrift shopping and love a bargain.

3.I Like do-it-yourself projects. I am always re-creating, designing or creating something new or again with a makeover.

4. I Love , love, love Thai food!!!!

5. I Love to travel and have visited over 10 countries outside of the United States.

6.  I Love to cook all kinds of food and watching others cook and learning how to make the recipes myself. “Cooking is like Art.”

7. I Love learning to learn and doing.

See! 🙂


Here are the rules:
Copy and paste the Award graphic in a post.
Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
Share 7 things about yourself.
Nominate 15 bloggers, and tell them by posting a comment on their blog.

Thrifty Finds Before & After Barbie Closet Makeover

21 Jan

Thrifty Finds Before & After Barbie Closet Makeover

BEFORE                                   AFTER

009 106

Week 3 Thrifty Finds Jan.

Bargain: $1.99

Designed by Kathleen Heady

So I found this Doll Armoire while thrifty shopping and just had to get it. I knew I was going to make something out of it. When I got home with it I decided to go glam gold on it as I had extra gold spray paint leftover from my last dollhouse project the barbie sofa makeover and decided to make a matching piece to go along with the sofa piece. Let me know what you think and stay posted for this do-it-yourself: “Barbie Dollhouse Closet Armoire Makeover” project post coming soon and find other links and DIY dollhouse projects by other bloggers on my dollhouse page.

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Barbie's Dollhouse


Crochet Baby Gifts Top 10 Picks

5 Jan

Beard Hat -BurlyBeardCo


Top 10 Crochet Gifts

By Kathleen Heady

I’ve been checking out crochet on pinterest and etsy and  during my internet searches and I’ve found the cutest baby booties, shoes and hats. I want to share these finds and  links to the amazing crocheters who have spent the time creating these amazing pieces. The crochet picks also make great gifts for new Mommy to be and newborn baby will love them. Crochet is soft and comfortable and will keep babies feet warm and comfy.  These also give great examples of what can be done with crochet and if you know someone who can rock the yarn ask them if they can make something similar to give as a gift to someone you know in the color and style you like or order from one of these great makers. Its a a cost effective gift and I  promise these crochet gifts will be appreciated and treasured for a longtime to come.  What do you think about these crochet pieces? Do you like them? Let me know please, I would love to have a discussion and hear what you have to say. 

1. Bear Scarf Hat-Ravelry


2. Baby Pink Crochet Sandals -Craftsy


3. Baby Boy Loafers -Ravelry

125749014565103470_7nSfqBJd_c (1)

4. Bright Pink Booties -Homeschoolma


5.Summer Sandals -petitapetit


6. Astronaut Cover -Poogies


7. Rainbow booties -Bonitapatterns


8. Brown Booties -Indulgy


9. Leg Warmers -Tinyteapots


10. Converse Shoes –ZaznajkaDesign


Okay One More Love this picture. 

Extra: Santa Claus Beard Hat -SewMuchLovePatterns


Love it.  

DIY: Doll House Furniture by Kathleen Heady

1 Jan


How to make Dollhouse Furniture

My daughter loves her dolls and accessorizing her doll house. So I decided with her to make her barbies, monster high and bratz dolls some furniture and art work out of jewelry boxes my Grandma gave to us. This was a fun and very easy project and a great way to spend some  quality time with one another.


Jewelry Boxes

Hot Glue Gun

Glue Sticks


Craft Paper with Designs

Bamboo Sticks




This is a simple project. Pick your size of jewelry box then with the hot glue gun glue the craft paper onto the box, there may be some folding of the paper for a clean look and then cut any excess material off. After your boxes are decorated cut the bamboo sticks to the height for the furniture and glue them on the inside of the boxes. Now your ready to re-decorate Barbie, Monster High or Bratz doll house.


Another Idea:

To really make your Barbies furniture stand out, add glitter or crystal knobs to the end of tables or edges of picture frames. And, the most important part have fun with your daughter creating furniture for her dolls that she’ll grow to remember.

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