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Antique Picture Frames

13 May


Design by Kathleen Heady


DIY: Heart Shaped Invitations

28 Jan


This year I decided to go with pink glitter sparkle heart shaped birthday invitations. The invitations were inexpensive and I was able to pick all the materials up at Jo-Anns Arts & Craft store.  I handmade these. It was fun and easy and my daughter loves them!



Craft Paper

Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks





Printer Color Ink


Directions: First glue the two craft papers together. Then Make a  heart shaped stencil.  Trace the heart shape stencil onto the craft paper. Cut out each one. Then with the  Hot glue gun glue the decorations i.e; stickers, beads, glitter onto the heart invitations. Print Invitation piece with title,where, when, what time ect. Cut to fit in the middle of heart and hot glue to it. Then with ribbon make a bow and hot glue it to the invitation. 

Thrifty Finds Before & After Barbie Closet Makeover

21 Jan

Thrifty Finds Before & After Barbie Closet Makeover

BEFORE                                   AFTER

009 106

Week 3 Thrifty Finds Jan.

Bargain: $1.99

Designed by Kathleen Heady

So I found this Doll Armoire while thrifty shopping and just had to get it. I knew I was going to make something out of it. When I got home with it I decided to go glam gold on it as I had extra gold spray paint leftover from my last dollhouse project the barbie sofa makeover and decided to make a matching piece to go along with the sofa piece. Let me know what you think and stay posted for this do-it-yourself: “Barbie Dollhouse Closet Armoire Makeover” project post coming soon and find other links and DIY dollhouse projects by other bloggers on my dollhouse page.

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Barbie's Dollhouse


DIY: Doll House Furniture by Kathleen Heady

1 Jan


How to make Dollhouse Furniture

My daughter loves her dolls and accessorizing her doll house. So I decided with her to make her barbies, monster high and bratz dolls some furniture and art work out of jewelry boxes my Grandma gave to us. This was a fun and very easy project and a great way to spend some  quality time with one another.


Jewelry Boxes

Hot Glue Gun

Glue Sticks


Craft Paper with Designs

Bamboo Sticks




This is a simple project. Pick your size of jewelry box then with the hot glue gun glue the craft paper onto the box, there may be some folding of the paper for a clean look and then cut any excess material off. After your boxes are decorated cut the bamboo sticks to the height for the furniture and glue them on the inside of the boxes. Now your ready to re-decorate Barbie, Monster High or Bratz doll house.


Another Idea:

To really make your Barbies furniture stand out, add glitter or crystal knobs to the end of tables or edges of picture frames. And, the most important part have fun with your daughter creating furniture for her dolls that she’ll grow to remember.

Barbie Closet Remodel

6 Jan


After Photo

By Kathleen heady                                                     

Barbie Closet Remodel How-to

My daughter has a sturdy Barbie closet however not the most “chic” one. Her Barbie closet was actually in desperate need of a makeover. As you can see the closet was not very useful as it no longer had any bars to hang clothes, drawers to store her doll shoes or accessories. As well as no hangers to hang her doll clothes. So that’s when I stepped in and decided to do a “Barbie Closet Remodel.”



Here is the before photo of this closet. It was in desperate need of a makeover.



Need creativity, a few tools and some very “chic” materials. Oh! And a glue gun is a must. So here are the basic materials needed for this project.

The List:


Glue Gun/ Glue Sticks

Decorative Constructive Paper

Jewelry boxes or any little boxes

Ornament hooks

Jewelry Pieces

Bamboo Skewers




And…Anything else you can find

So let’s see, do we have everything?

Regardless it’s okay if you don’t. Things can be added later however, a glue gun and decor is a must. And, warning, Things are going to get pretty messy and change as you go along , you will find doing a project like this, can go in any direction as I did. For example, you may find that you want to use fabric instead of construction paper. Hopefully this project will lead you to get creative in your own way for a barbie closet project. Now before I began this transformation I found a good working spot with plenty of space.


Photo of Blank Shelves

Adding Shelf to Closet

The shelves inspired me to go use jewelry boxes and insert them to fit each shelve. How I did this, was  to add another shelf to have more space for “Barbie” storage. It was really simple actually to create the new shelf with a little bit of cardboard, hot glue and constructive paper.

Step 1:

Take a piece of cardboard cut to fit size of area. Then hot glue craft paper for matching design then insert piece into closet and hot glue to the inside of walls where shelf is being added.


My next step, was the construction paper. This by far , was the fun part. With a small booklet of designer constructive paper I picked a variety of patterns to decorate each “barbie” storage box a little different from the next.

Before starting Step 2 & 3:

Hot Glue only one side of the jewelry box at a time as the hot glue will dry quickly. It’s also best to go slowly when laying  the constructive paper around top edges of box so that it will be straight.

Step 2:

With jewelry box in one hand hot glue each side one at a time, then apply the construction paper going around each side of the square box. As you can see below I started hot gluing the front first from one side then going around each hot glued side with constructive paper and folding the excess underneath the jewelry boxes.

Step 3:

Add crystal knobs to each jewelry box. Place knob in center of box and then hot glue it. Let dry.


Remember….BEFORE =DRAB



Adding Glitter

As you can see I added glitter to the top of each box as I wanted to add a little sparkle to this new and improved fab closet.

Step 3:

Add glitter. I did this with Elmer’s glue by lightly applying a little glue to the top edges of each box. Then sprinkling the glitter to the glued edges. Very simple and very fun.

Also I recommend having a handy hand vacuum nearby as the glitter part is by far the messiest part but, Super Fun!


Hanging Bars & Hangers

After the boxes were done I inserted the new hanging bars and hangers my daughter made herself out of ornament hooks so she could finally hang all her new Barbie clothes she got for Christmas.

Step 4:

This was simple. With a hot glue gun, take the Bamboo Skewers cut them to  fit inside of the closet, then insert each bamboo skewer in place making sure its a tight fit then hot glue.

Result: New Clothing Bars and Hangers for Barbie clothes

After Photo

Final Result: Functional Fab “Barbie” closet that not only can store barbie clothes but is beautiful and easily updated.

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