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Gift Basket a.k.a Mystery Sister

5 May

The other night I had the opportunity to make this gift basket. I’am apart of a SAHM group where once a month we gift one another. This was my first time participating and I must admit, I had a blast shopping and making this Cross Canvas for the lady. 18199013_1160690540720136_5190579871568564710_n


Crochet Baby Gifts Top 10 Picks

5 Jan

Beard Hat -BurlyBeardCo


Top 10 Crochet Gifts

By Kathleen Heady

I’ve been checking out crochet on pinterest and etsy and  during my internet searches and I’ve found the cutest baby booties, shoes and hats. I want to share these finds and  links to the amazing crocheters who have spent the time creating these amazing pieces. The crochet picks also make great gifts for new Mommy to be and newborn baby will love them. Crochet is soft and comfortable and will keep babies feet warm and comfy.  These also give great examples of what can be done with crochet and if you know someone who can rock the yarn ask them if they can make something similar to give as a gift to someone you know in the color and style you like or order from one of these great makers. Its a a cost effective gift and I  promise these crochet gifts will be appreciated and treasured for a longtime to come.  What do you think about these crochet pieces? Do you like them? Let me know please, I would love to have a discussion and hear what you have to say. 

1. Bear Scarf Hat-Ravelry


2. Baby Pink Crochet Sandals -Craftsy


3. Baby Boy Loafers -Ravelry

125749014565103470_7nSfqBJd_c (1)

4. Bright Pink Booties -Homeschoolma


5.Summer Sandals -petitapetit


6. Astronaut Cover -Poogies


7. Rainbow booties -Bonitapatterns


8. Brown Booties -Indulgy


9. Leg Warmers -Tinyteapots


10. Converse Shoes –ZaznajkaDesign


Okay One More Love this picture. 

Extra: Santa Claus Beard Hat -SewMuchLovePatterns


Love it.  

Thrifty Finds

3 Jan

Bathroom Decor


Thrifty Find Week 2 Jan.

Bargain: $2.99


Handmade Ceramic Coffee Cups


Thrifty Find Week 1 Jan.

Bargain: $3.99

I did a little thrifty shopping today and found these pair of handmade ceramic coffee cups at my local Goodwill store for $3.99 each.  I will be putting these coffee cups to good use soon. Each week I plan to post at least 1 weekly find for under $10 and I will post each piece under “Thrifty finds.”

“Dog Lovers” -Cute Gift Ideas by Kathleen Heady

16 Jan

Gift Ideas for Furry Friends

I recently got a new puppy and I wanted to see what “Cute Goodies” to get as puppy gifts! Here’s a list of some fun doggy stuff, so the next time you go shopping for your best friend you have some ideas.

Birthday Party

Birthday is coming up and your best bud wants a party.  Make a Puppy Cake and let your pup flaunt this shirt. Your dog will love it and so will you.  –FunnyFur


Next time you take your dog out for a walk, cushion him up in one of these and you’ll be sure to receive alot’s of kisses from your little one!

Get it at  –TrendyPuppy

Personalize Pal Pal

This is must! A personalized I.D. tag that fits your pup. Figuring he/she will be wearing it everyday make it his/hers own. Check these dog tags out and where to get them.  The tag “Hello, My name is” can be found on Etsy.com by shop owner BowWowzers who makes a variety of unique dog I.D. tags. Now if your looking for a very personalized dog tag then check out DogTagArt where you can have breed specific tags made as well as holiday celebration tags to medical tags.

Winter Time

Okay, Now unless you live down South or in the Tropics somewhere, you know it get’s cold outside, especially with snow on the ground.  Get your pup a pair of leg warmers and get some warm hugs from your pet pal.



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