DIY: Barbie Sofa Makeover

19 Jan

After Photo


Here it is the before and after of the barbie sofa makeover from one of my thrifty finds this week. Yesterday I went thrifty shopping at my local thrift store and found this old blue colored Barbie sofa for ninety-nine cents. So i decided to give it an update. Here’s how I did it….

Before Photo


First I knew I wanted something glamorous and gold. My daughter is really girly girly and so it had to be total girl like. I had some left over fabric from my last project and used that to make the pillows. I went out and purchased the gold spray paint and of course the barbie sofa.

Everything else I had on hand. Since I happen to have a sewing machine the pillows were easy to sew up. Took about 15 minutes total to have all 5 pillows cut, pinned, sewn and stuffed and about another hour or so to paint the sofa.   Have fun Dollhouse Glamming!



Dollhouse Sofa

Primer Spray Paint

Gold Spray Paint


Sewing Machine or hand needles


Cotton Balls or extra fabric


Step 1:

Add two coats of primer paint to the sofa. Allow 15-20 minutes to dry between each application. Let dry.


Step 2:

Paint the sofa with gold spray paint. Apply three coats of gold paint. Allow 15-20 minutes between each coat.

Step 3:

  • Make sofa pillows. Cut your fabric to desired length and size.
  • Place exterior fabric inward facing one another leaving the inside of pillow on the exterior facing you on both sides to sew (see picture below).
  • Then pin and sew top and both left and right sides of fabric only sewing the bottom a little bit on both sides of the bottom of pillow case, leaving enough room to turn fabric inside out and stuff.
  • Then turn pillow inside out to the exterior side and stuff pillow cases with cotton or extra fabric and sew bottom area to enclose.


Step 4:

Decorate your newly remodeled barbie sofa with fab pillows!


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